Wyze Camera

An all-new Starlight Sensor illuminates the outdoors in full color while weather resistance lets you capture life outside. Performance upgrades across the board make this Wyze’s most powerful smart cam ever.

Best Wyze Camera

When looking for a home security camera, you need to consider the price/performance ratio, make sure it provides clear video, and double check that it has the home integration needed to connect to other home devices.

WYZE Cam v3

The Cam v3 is the third generation of Wyze's flagship camera, the Wyze Cam. Like its predecessor, the Wyze Cam v3, you can view and record 1080p video directly from the Wyze mobile app. New to the Wyze Cam v3 is its waterproof design, allowing for outdoor installations with an IP65 rating. The Wyze Cam v3 also utilizes a new starlight sensor for extremely low-light performance and excellent detail in the dark. Your yard/living room/driveway.

Wyze Cam Pan v2

The Wyze Cam Pan V2 is an affordable indoor security camera with no compromise on features. It offers color night vision, responsive mechanical pan and tilt operation, voice control, and integration with many other smart home devices. The camera delivered crisp 1080 video in tests, and motion alerts arrived quickly and accurately. the Wyze Cam Pan v2 provides 360° coverage in less than 3 seconds, so you can see exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it.

See the whole room in under 3 seconds

Follow the action wherever it goes with automatic motion tracking and 360° of coverage. It's like having a guard owl on duty 24/7. Except you don't have to feed it Tootsie Pops.

Wyze Cam Spotlight

The main advantage of Wyze Cam Spotlight is how its color night vision benefits from the included spotlight. wyze cam v3 records video and sends alerts to your phone when it detects motion and sound. Greet and talk to visitors with loud, two-way audio. Wyze Cam v3 also has an alarm button that you can press to scare away unwanted visitors. Record full, vibrantly colored nighttime video in environments up to 25 times darker than traditional cameras.

Wyze Cam Floodlight

Wyze Cam floodlights combine the award-winning surveillance capabilities of Wyze Cam v3 with the deterrent power of an ultra-bright motion floodlight for the ultimate in home security. Get all the intrusion deterrence power of 2600 combined lumens and 270 degrees of customizable motion detection, complemented by Wyze Cam's video surveillance, night vision, sirens and intelligent automation.

Local and cloud storage options

All of Wyze's cameras offer cloud and local storage options (except for the video doorbell, which is cloud storage only). With all four of Wyze's security cameras, you can insert a microSD card into the Wyze camera itself and store video recordings locally, making it harder for hackers to swipe the card than in the cloud. However, if you prefer cloud storage, Wyze can give you 14 days of rolling cloud storage for free. Not only that, but you'll also need to subscribe to Wyze's Cam Plus plan.

WYZE Cam Outdoor

Wyze Cam Outdoor is a full-featured weatherproof security camera at a fraction of the price of most other models. It's wireless, easy to install, and provided crisp 1080p video in our tests. You can store recorded video in the cloud for free, or record locally using one of two microSD card slots, but you must provide your own media. With features including a travel mode that lets you take your camera on the road without an Internet connection, support for Alexa and Google voice commands, and the ability to interact with other smart devices, the Wyze Cam Outdoor is a great fit for our Editors' Choice Awards.

Wyze Video Doorbell

Wyze Video Doorbell + Chime is a good deal for a smart doorbell, but it will be an even better deal when Wyze completes Alexa and Google voice control and updates the firmware to allow the camera to capture 2K video. That said, the doorbell still provides clear 1080p video and a full view of your home, interacts with many Wyze and third-party smart devices, and you can add people and package detection for a nominal fee. If you don't want to wait for Wyze to put the finishing touches on this doorbell, it offers clear, high-resolution video, dual-band Wi-Fi, local and cloud video storage , and support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Wyze Camera Review

What Are The Best Wyze Cameras?

Wyze cameras are very inexpensive, but still have the features we see in cameras that cost more than $100. If you want a versatile indoor/outdoor camera that costs less than $40, it's hard to beat the Wyze Cam v3. You can use Wyze's other indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras for backup.

Wyze Cam Pan: A wired indoor camera that can physically pan and tilt, use controls in the Wyze app or automatically track motion. It records 1080p Full HD video, motion or sound detection, night vision, two-way talk, and a 120-degree field of view.

Wyze Cam v3: A wired indoor/outdoor camera that records 1080p Full HD video in motion or sound detection and provides color night vision. Also two-way talk opens a phone-like audio channel and has a built-in 80-decibel alarm.

Wyze Cam v2: Wired indoor camera with 1080p Full HD video, 110-degree field of view, night vision, and motion- and sound-triggered recording.

Wyze Cam Outdoor: This battery-powered outdoor camera works with the included compact hub and records in 1080p Full HD. It's weatherproof and features night vision and motion-activated recording that uses passive infrared detection to reduce false alarms. It has two-way audio, a 110-degree field of view, and an 8x digital zoom.

Wyze Video Doorbell : A wired video doorbell that records based on motion or the person pressing the button. The video is 1080p Full HD and has a plug-in ringer to hear the ringing inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all Wyze cameras require Wi-Fi. they connect wirelessly to your network and use your Internet connection to record, store, and send video clips.

The Wyze camera does not integrate directly with Ring, but both Ring and Wyze devices can be used with Amazon Alexa. If you have a Wyze in-room camera and a Ring Video Doorbell, then you can control both from your Alexa device.

Yes, all of Wyze’s cameras work with Amazon Alexa. You can view the camera’s live stream and listen to the camera’s audio on the Alexa Smart Display. Just know that you can’t watch recorded videos or talk to people through Alexa.

All Wyze cameras need to be plugged in, except for the battery-powered Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Yes, three Wyze cameras can record 24/7: Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Pan, and Wyze Cam v3. You need to insert a microSD card into the camera and enable 24/7 recording in the Wyze app first.