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Wyze pioneered the affordable smart home and was one of the first U.S. companies to produce a high-quality, inexpensive connected device. In a space where security cameras cost more than $200, Wyze has one for $20. Founded by a former Amazon employee, Wyze started with security cameras and released its first product, the Wyze Cam, in 2017. it now has five cameras in its portfolio, including a video doorbell Wyze has wired and battery-powered Wi-Fi cameras, all with night vision, two-way audio, 14 days of free cloud storage and compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa.

About Wyze
Wyze is a new company in the smart home space, founded in 2017 by a group of former Amazon employees whose signature feature is producing high-quality products at the lowest possible price.Based in Seattle, Washington, Wyze achieves this by emulating Amazon’s high-volume, low-margin model, partnering with efficient manufacturers and selling directly to customers on its website. The company started with security cameras because one of its founders was looking for a better way to stay in touch with his family on the road. He decided that existing products were either too expensive or unreliable, so he started making his own.

The wired indoor camera is a great value at just $29.99 on the company’s website and offers motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, zoom and tracking capabilities, 1080p (full HD) video and a 120-degree horizontal field of view, as well as 360-degree pan and tilt capabilities. It works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and has an 8x digital zoom. The camera stores 14 days of rolling footage in the cloud for free, but this only applies to clips of up to 12 seconds, with a 5-minute “cool-down” period between events. cam Plus subscriptions offer unlimited clip length and no cool-down period ($1.99 per month or $15 per year). You can also store video locally on a micro SD card for free, including up to three days of continuous HD recording and seven to eight days of 720p.

Is the Wyze Home Security Camera right for me?
Wyze Cam Disk
Best for:

People on a budget: This is the cheapest camera in our ratings, with no subscription fees to view recorded footage

Flexible viewing options: This camera is the only one in our rating that can be physically panned and tilted to provide a 360-degree view

Continuous 24/7 Recording: This camera has the option (with additional hardware) to record video continuously in HD for up to three days at no additional cost

The Wyze Cam Pan is an AC-powered indoor camera. Reviewers praise its key feature: the ability to physically move the camera 360 degrees horizontally and 93 degrees vertically to provide an almost complete view of the room. It can also automatically track motion, moving the camera to follow intruders or pets. In addition, you can set up to four custom waypoints for the camera to perform routine scans.

In addition to motion and sound-triggered recording, this camera can listen for and alert you to carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Reviewers also like its flexibility, as it is very small and can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall or ceiling (mounting hardware sold separately). It works with Amazon’s Alexa to view footage on Echo devices with screens and Fire TV, and can send notifications to Echo speakers when motion is detected. It also works with Google Assistant, allowing you to stream video through any Google Home Hub or Chromecast-enabled TV.

On the downside, reviewers noted that the camera’s small speakers sounded a bit small and the video quality was adequate but not on par with more expensive cameras. There’s also no option to automatically turn off the camera when you’re at home if you don’t want to be recorded. Instead, you have to go into the app and turn it off manually.

Is the Wyze Home Security Camera good?
The Wyze security camera is great, does well in our ratings, and is a great value. the Wyze Cam Pan is the cheapest camera in our ratings, at just $29.99 plus shipping when purchased from Wyze.com. It’s also the only camera that offers free cloud storage for recording video, although you can’t record events longer than 12 seconds or less than 5 minutes. To overcome this significant limitation, you need to purchase a Cam Plus subscription ($1.99 per month or $15 per year). This also adds artificial intelligence detection, so your camera can tell you when it sees a person, package or vehicle, not just general motion. (The company is also working on integrating facial recognition and pet detection into its software.) Combine that with the Ring Indoor Camera ($59.99).

The Wyze Pan Cam does lack some of the more advanced features offered by companies like Nest and Arlo, such as facial recognition, geo-fencing, and color night vision. But the Cam Pan comes with motion- and sound-activated video recording and alerts, live view capabilities, night vision, 1080p full HD video, and two-way calling.

Wyze also has an easy-to-use app that supports a large and growing number of Wyze smart home devices that can be linked together to provide additional security and convenience. These include smart door locks, light bulbs, thermostats and security systems. However, Wyze does not integrate well with other smart home systems such as HomeKit or SmartThings, and Wyze Cam Pan works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

To add an extra layer of security, Wyze offers dual authentication when logging into your account, which means you’ll receive a code on your mobile device that you must enter after entering your password. This helps ensure that there is no unauthorized access to your camera.

What home security cameras does Wyze offer?
Wyze offers three home security cameras and a visual doorbell. They include:

Wyze Cam Pan ($29.99): A wired indoor camera that can track motion using controls in the Wyze app or by automatically doing physical pans and tilts. It records 1080p Full HD video, motion or sound detection, night vision, two-way talk, and a 120-degree field of view.
Wyze Cam v3 ($19.99): A wired indoor/outdoor camera that records 1080p Full HD video in motion or sound detection and provides color night vision. Also two-way talk opens a phone-like audio channel and has a built-in 80-decibel alarm.
Wyze Cam v2 ($19.99): Wired indoor camera with 1080p Full HD video, 110-degree field of view, night vision, and motion- and sound-triggered recording.
Wyze Cam Outdoor ($49.99): This battery-powered outdoor camera works with the included compact hub and records in 1080p Full HD. It’s weatherproof and features night vision and motion-activated recording that uses passive infrared detection to reduce false alarms. It has two-way audio, a 110-degree field of view, and an 8x digital zoom.
Wyze Video Doorbell ($29.99): A wired video doorbell that records based on motion or the person pressing the button. The video is 1080p Full HD and has a plug-in ringer so you can hear the ringing inside.

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